Saturday, February 21, 2015

Travelling back to Montego Bay

     After a lot of hard work at Great Huts, a day of relaxation was well-deserved.  We left Great Huts at 9:30 a.m to travel back to Montego Bay.  Most of us were so exhausted from all of the work we did that we slept the entire bus ride. For the few of us that did stay awake, they were treated to great views of the ocean, and other beautiful landscapes that Jamaica offers. 
A well-deserved team-nap after a lot of hard work at Great Huts
     I will never get used to the animals that are always walking next to the road such as: goats, chickens, and wild dogs.  It was interesting to see the type of houses they live in, and the land they have. The houses are made out of brick, and most are built on hills or rocky land. When we got back to the resort the weather was not the greatest, so we decided to have dinner all together. After that we took it easy and played cards for most of the night. The last four days at Great Huts were an amazing experience. The food was always good and the staff were always a pleasure to talk to.  I will never forget the memories that I made at Great Huts, and I am looking forward to the adventures to come at our last few days here in Jamaica. I just hope the weather is nice for the rest of our stay! 

Haley Lidster

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