Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Last full day in Jamaica

     Sunday was our last full day at the Holiday inn Sunspree. The morning was spent relaxing and sleeping after a busy Saturday night in downtown Montego Bay. While there we got to experience Jamaican culture with the mix of many tourists. The morning weather was very rainy and cloudy, so a bunch of students caught the hourly shuttle to shop at Rose Hall. There was a variety of little tourist shops to purchase souvenirs, but my personal favourite shop was the coffee and spice shop. There was a huge selection of Jamaican spices and coffee that could be purchased to bring the taste of Jamaica home. Lunch was enjoyed at the the Jerk Hut where they served delicious authentic Jamaican jerk chicken with spicy scotch bonnet hot sauce. 

     On Sunday afternoon, many of the students spent the day catching the last rays of sunshine before we had to head back to the cold northern weather. Another group played basketball or tennis with some of the Holiday Inn staff members.


      For our final dinner, we enjoyed the buffet after the amazing staff members put a large table together for our group of fourteen. After dinner, many of the students spent the evening in the lobby meeting many of the new faces that had arrived at the Holiday Inn that day. The group then moved outside and enjoyed the beautiful stars, while playing another round of basketball. The night finished off with the students talking about the experiences we have had on this trip, and what we are going to do without being surrounded with each other once we get back to North Bay. None of the students were very close when this trip began, but as we spent more time together, we all became so close. Speaking for myself, I can say that this was one of the most rewarding trips I've ever experienced. I have learned so much, and am inspired to return back in the future to volunteer at the Portland Rehabilitation Shelter, and spend time with the amazing people of Jamaica.

The iLEAD Teams' final night in Jamaica
Lauren Westervelt

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