Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Departing Jamaica and Arriving in Canada

     Monday the 23rd was the day our team set out on the long road home. Everyone was in dull spirits as our experience in Jamaica drew to a close. Our check out time was at 11 a.m. and the shuttle to the airport was set to arrive at 11:40 a.m. Around the breakfast table everyone discussed how they wanted to spend the last few hours of their time in Jamaica. Some of us enjoyed a game of pool, while others sat in the sun soaking up a last few rays, and a few of us decided to feed the fish. At the resort there is a boardwalk leading to a shady spot which is perfect for feeding and viewing the tropical fish, who like to also hang out in the shade under the walkway.
Gazebo where students would feed fish off of.
     We departed the hotel on time, on route to the airport in Montego Bay. At the airport we made it through security in great time. This left us time to grab a bite to eat as well as grab those last souvenirs we had yet to buy. Our plane departed the airport in time and flew smoothly back to the Toronto Pearson Airport. However, when leaving the airport we had to wait as our baggage was frozen inside the plane. As we waited for airport staff to unthaw the doors to the cargo bay some of us decided to get comfy and play cards to pass the time.
Playing cards at Toronto Pearson Airport waiting for our luggage
     The last leg of our journey home was spent in our vehicles driving from Toronto back to North Bay. We were thankful that our vehicles all started without any problems despite them having sat in extremely cold temperatures while we were away. Our drive home was spent reminiscing about the greatest parts of our time in Jamaica; Great Huts, Portland Rehab Management, Luminous Lagoon, and many other adventures. All though, we were sad that our great experience in Jamaica was over, we were happy at having the chance to partake in this adventure, and everyone was excited to arrive home and crawl into their own beds for a night of sleep and dreams of their time in Jamaica.

Brea-Anna Jacksic 

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