Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Breanna!

    Today marks one of our last days in Jamaica. We all slowly crawled out of our beds today after being exhausted from a long but beautiful drive back to Montego Bay yesterday. We envisioned that we would have great weather on our remaining days; however, today was quite windy and overcast. This didn't stop us from having a great time; when the sun did manage to peek out during some parts of the day, both Cole and Matt took advantage of these opportunities, which actually lead them to placing their chairs in the ocean to find that hot sun!

Cole and Matt making the best of a mainly cloudy day.
     Since working on our tans was out of the question, a few of us turned to playing a few games of basketball, tennis, and mini-putt.  A couple of the students even got a lesson from the on-sight tennis-pro.  These activities were great because we were able to get some physical exercise after spending the previous day sitting in a bus for a good portion of the day.   

Playing some tennis on one of the last days in Jamaica.
From left to right: Gina, Haley, Cole, and Matt 
     After a fun day the iLEAD Team went to a Japanese dinner at the resort.  This meal was nothing short of amazing. The food and service was phenomenal, and they even went out of there way to wish Breanna a happy   21st birthday.  The 2015 iLEAD Expedition has been an amazing experience, but sadly everything must come to an end.  Sunday will be our last full day in Jamaica, and hopefully we will have good weather before returning to a very cold Canada!  
The iLEAD Team enjoying some amazing Japanese cuisine.
Haleigh Ferguson 

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